What are your plans for Golden Week?


Kbaier Imed
Technician, 31
I think I will go to the movies or drive around Tokyo sightseeing. I like going to clubs and often go to Roppongi. I’ll be down there again, as I can sleep in the next day.

Melissa Larkin
Graduate student, 23
I’m visiting my home-stay family in Yawatashi, near Kyoto. I am planning to learn how to use bamboo sticks to make different shapes while singing a traditional Japanese song.

Market research, 37
I’m interested in politics and I use the Internet to take political action to improve the standard of living for poorer people in Japan. I will be spending lots of time on my mixi blog page contacting key people.

Ayome Takase
Travel agent, 22
I’m a travel agent, and Taipei, Paris or Rome are popular destinations. I’ll be staying here and spending time with my boyfriend. I recommend Odaiba for shopping and seeing Japan’s futuristic side.

Stephane Josserand
Musician, 35
I’ll be meeting friends and having hanami-style parties, or inviting people to my house for dinner. Japanese people are often very busy, and Golden Week is a good opportunity to catch up.

Miho Okita
Pianist, 29
I’ll avoid famous places in Tokyo because they are so crowded over Golden Week. I’ll visit parks and gardens in my local area and collect different plants to make tea, liquor or herbal remedies.