How can the government better spend its money?


Liam Morely
Security, 25
I think the government should spend money on any beautification kind of work and restoration of historical monuments. I also think more garbage bins should be installed around Japan.

Ryo Takeyama
Designer, 25
I wish the government would hire more people to do recycling. In some parts of the city, we have to separate like 20-30 different types of things, I wish it was like that everywhere.

Sachiyo Endo
Hair dresser, 27
The government should spend a lot of money to create a Japan Day where the whole country celebrates — like Independence Day in America — to create more pride in the country.

Matthew Eddey
Teacher, 25
Tokyo could definitely do with more trees and green spaces. Also, there aren’t many designated smoking places, so I’d appreciate the government creating more places where I can smoke.

Yuriko Narusawa
Sales, 41
I would like the government to pay more money into helping slow global warming. For example, by paying people to create better ecological products that are made from natural materials.

Atsushi Bautista
Marketing, 28
Japan should invest more in the sports industry. We’re a world-wide recognized country, yet we always fail in sports. More money should be spent marketing sports as a prime-time event.