Where do you browse online?


Securities, 28
I have a lot of different hobbies, including flower arranging and dancing. keikotomanabu.jp is a site that provides information on every kind of hobby you can think of, anywhere in Japan.

Kati Rantamaki
I am a member of savageclub.org, a club for people who have Suzuki Savage motorbikes in Finland. We meet up in summer to ride and go camping.

Chris Rose
Teacher, 42
I am interested in politics and regularly read blogs on the huffingtonpost. It helps me keep in touch with affairs back home. The blogs are high quality and videos are available.

Kuniyo Konno
Sales, 28
I use mixi.co.jp, which is similar to MySpace. A friend needs to introduce you if you want to join. After creating a profile, you can exchange e-mails and join themed communities.

Nigel Muston
Research analyst, 27
snowjapan.com is a great site for those interested in skiing or snowboarding in Japan. You can find information on ski destinations around the country.

Mathew Saunders
Real estate, 29
gurunabi.co.jp provides information on restaurants and bars all over Japan. I have found great places around Tokyo on this site. It is possible to search by area, food or even atmosphere.