What has been your most seismic experience in this earthquake-prone nation?


Juan Gomez
Engineer, 36
I was on the 49th floor of Mori Tower during a big quake last year. I experienced conflicting feelings of security, as there is a safety system, and helplessness.

Risa Oshige
Student, 19
After experiencing a 6.7 quake in a simulator, I worry that everything will happen so fast there will be little you can do. I have an emergency pack ready containing food, shoes and a torch.

Jonathan Stoker
I experienced my first quake in Japan a few weeks ago and admit I panicked a little. I hope next time I will react rationally and stand in a secure doorway, but who knows what will happen.

Ayumi Fujisawa
Student, 19
I live in an old house and feel every small earthquake. I think people aren’t so well prepared. Fire will be the greatest hazard. It is very important to have a fire extinguisher in your house.

Ryuichi Uehara
Secretary, 32
I have a friend who is in the Japanese Self Defense Force and he advised me to prepare food rations, fuel for my motor bike and camping equipment in case of a big quake.

Damion Harper
I think foreigners may not be so well informed as to what to do. I think it would be useful if the expat community had the opportunity to take part in emergency drills to raise awareness.