Thomasina Larkin asks about the best ways to tackle bullying in schools

Kaisar MD
Restaurant worker, 38
Teachers should communicate with children through counseling. If they see a problem, they should take them aside and talk to them in private. Japanese culture is difficult in this way.

Kunihiro Tsuji
PR, 30
I think both bullies and those bullied have to be helped by teachers and society in general. Bullies often behave violently for emotional reasons they hold deep within.

Nisha Patel
Teacher, 30
Teachers should keep an eye on the behavior of students. They should have a word with children when they notice something is wrong. Guidance counselors should also help.

Yuki Sato
Shop staff, 23
I was bullied when I was 13, when I started junior high school. Everyone called me “fly.” I could only tell my one good friend. She helped me through it. Kids need to be able to rely on their friends.

Akira Okamoto
Bar manager, 36
I think those being bullied are sometimes to blame. Those who are bullied may commit suicide for revenge, which is selfish. The media should offer advice on other ways to get “revenge.”

Asako Iwamizu
Fashion worker, 26
I think friends should teach their friends not to be bullies and to be kind to one another. That’s the best way to solve the problem. Kids should be taught to look out for each other.

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