Where are your favorite night haunts?


Samantha Dobney
Student, 21
I love going out in Roppongi if I want to have a fun night out. It’s an amazing place, unlike anywhere else in the world because it’s a timeless place. Everything stays open 24-7.

Yohiahi Arai
Physical therapist, 24
My favorite place to go out is Yurakucho because it has many delicious foods on offer. In particular, I like Taru bar for the atmosphere. They play jazz and I really like that kind of music.

Asami Hino
Shop worker, 24
I really like Chicago house music, and I think the best place to hear it in Tokyo is at La Fabrique in Shibuya. They have great events on the first Saturday of every month.

Josh Child
Teacher, 32
My favorite place to go out dancing is at Space Lab Yellow for the Real Grooves events. The crowd is great and the club has one of the best sound systems I’ve ever heard.

Masato Ikariya
Optometrist, 24
I think Shinjuku is the best because it has absolutely everything — restaurants, shopping, bars, good nightlife and lots of places to hang out with your friends for drinking or whatever.

Morgan Fisher
Musician, 56
I’ve been playing (Morgan’s Organ) at SuperDeluxe for the past 2 1/2 years, so it’s become like my second home. It’s stimulating, different every night and the people are wonderful.