What do you think of Shinzo Abe?

Shinsuke Kitagawa
Consultant, 61
I don’t like those who inherit their positions. I’m sure he’s experienced, though I’m not sure in what. I’d like him to make sound improvements in infrastructure to cope with the aging society.

Office lady, 23
Abe appears to be very deliberate, and thinks carefully before every move. However, in my opinion he is not clear on his policy intentions. He uses a lot of vague, indirect language.

Todd Armstrong
Teacher, 34
Abe’s biggest challenge is to keep up to Koizumi’s reforms. I wonder if the trend in modernization will continue. I am not sure he has the popularity to railroad issues as Koizumi did.

Midori Hirota
Translator, 52
He is young so I think he will be exciting as prime minister. He has a fresh mind to deal with the challenges left by Koizumi — like wealth disparity and relations with Japan’s neighbors.

Stephanie Wilson
Teacher, 29
Abe seems popular. I think his youth will work for him as it did for Blair. Nationalism should be balanced with an international perspective. This is particularly important for Abe.

Hironobu Aoyama
Retired, 77
He is a young and efficient guy and I like him. However, I am concerned about his youth. He has the confidence to coordinate the Diet but there are senior members who may pressurize him.

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