Would you pay more tax to stop whale hunting?


Masuko Hosokawa
Office worker, 66
I disagree with whale hunting. Whale meat is delicious, but it’s not good to catch so many whales. I would pay more taxes to help subsidize fishermen, but only a little bit. And I wouldn’t pay higher taxes for anything else.

Jill Cowlishaw
Manager, 35
If it’s a part of tradition or culture, then I think the Japanese should be allowed to hunt whales. All countries should be allowed to keep their traditions alive by killing animals they eat. I want to try some. Eating that is, not killing.

Grant Thomson
Accountant, 40
I guess I disagree to the extent that the species are in danger. If they weren’t endangered, it probably wouldn’t matter that much. But I wouldn’t want to pay any more taxes to support fishermen. I’m all talk, no action!

Aya Tajima
Housewife, 30
I agree with killing whales. I think it’s important to keep a maritime species balance. And people should be able to eat what they want that’s a part of their culture and history. Should we try to stop the Chinese eating dogs?

Masakazu Hirose
Fish deliverer, 44
I agree with whale fishing because the number of whales is increasing and we have to keep it in check to keep the balance. Also, recently a big ship hit a whale and caused an accident. If there are too many whales, it’ll be a big problem.

Yasuhiro Takahashi
Cook, 33
I agree with whale fishing. In my opinion, all food is alive, whether it be animals or vegetables or fruits or nuts or seeds. I find it strange for people to say that it’s OK to eat one thing but it’s not OK to eat another.