What’s the worst job you’ve done?


Laurent Pelozuelo
Entomologist, 33
The worst job I ever had was working as a cleaner at a nuclear power plant in France. I had to go around collecting rubbish. I didn’t have to wear special clothes or anything. There was no risk of contamination — I hope.

Ivar Sverrisson
Dancer, 28
I could name two. One was playing a snowman for a bank in Iceland. It could be dangerous because the kids would attack me in the malls and pull my nose. Also I used to clean a movie theater when I was 17, and I had to do the toilets.

Masamori Shigamitsu
Student, 25
Working on cars. I had to change the oil, and when I was underneath the car and taking off the nut to change the oil, the oil fell on my face. I always had oil on my face and on my hands and I was paid cheap so I quit after three months.

Rina Ariizumi
Student, 18
I worked at the post office and had to deliver the New Year’s cards. I had to wake up at 7 a.m. on New Year’s Day and it was snowing. I fell off my bicycle, hit my butt hard, nearly got run over by a bus and spilled all the cards on the road.

Peter Kilner
Lawyer, 42
I had a job selling Christmas trees in England about 20 years ago. By the time Christmas came, the customers started bringing the trees back because all the needles had dropped out, because they were cut down too early.

Sayaka Takano
Paralegal, 28
When I was in university, I worked as a tutor teaching a depressed 14-year-old girl who would lock herself in her room for hours and I would have to wait. I was just there to help her do her homework, but she shouted, “Don’t come in.”