What do you watch on Japanese TV?


Daunt Lee
Teacher, 28
I know the three guys screaming the weather in the morning. It’s too intense so I don’t watch it. The only things I’ve seen that are kind of funny are the eating competitions with huge piles of food. You don’t need much language for that.

Megumi Takimoto
I don’t watch TV so often — only when it’s on in the morning. TV is too noisy with bright lights. Everyone is too cheerful. The images are loud and overwhelming. I think it’s aimed at the younger generation.

Steve Poole
Self-employed, 50
I only watch the NHK Taika drama every Sunday night. They take a part of Japanese history and make a yearlong drama. If you want to learn about Japanese history, that’s the way to do it.

Jaye Hines
Teacher, 25
In general, I think Japanese like slapstick. A lot of the ads are a little childish. I don’t usually watch TV at all. The only person I know is the guy who is quite famous for saying “maiyu” instead of “umai,” and his side-kick with the Afro. I hate the ad for umeshu.

Emiko Shimotani
Writer, 28
I like comedy shows. There are lots of comedians from the Kansai area, where I’m from, like Gorie. Every Wednesday, they had or maybe still have a variety show called Suiten, for an hour. I like Shingo from SMAP — he’s so cute.

Daryle Lords
Telecoms, 37
I don’t get the obsession with food, eating and introducing restaurants. All the topics primarily revolve around food. Dramas are extremely dramatic and the monologues go on for ever. All the talk shows have too many people on.