Do you believe in extraterrestrial life and what director do you think has depicted it the best?

Hiroshi Hashimoto
Office worker, 26
Yeah, I hope so. Maybe they look like us. I think they have already made contact with some people — some Americans. It might be like “War of the Worlds.”

Peter Robertson
Teacher, 27
It’s too big not to be. They could even be walking among us and we don’t know it, but I don’t see why NASA spends all that money if it’s already made contact. Something like “Star Trek” would work for me.

Stuart Starosta
Translator, 31
Yes, because of the law of averages. Contact is certainly possible — I’ve met a few people that strike me as aliens. George Lucas is far from the mark, Stanly Kubrick is closer.

Anwar Qureshi
Teacher, 26
Even if there is life out there, they probably haven’t made contact for the same reason we haven’t — it’s a long way. Probably it’s like “Sphere,” but it’s contact with ourselves from the future, not aliens.

Deborah Tanamura
Marketing, 30
Yeah, because the universe is endless. By life, I don’t mean human life, I’m talking amoeba, the simplest form of life. It’s possible humans will have contact, but not our generation.

Mutsumi Tanamura
Programmer, 40
Definitely, because the universe is a limitless expanse. I would like to believe the conspiracy theories — they’re quite exciting — but I don’t. Any kind of shapes would be possible, like “Star Wars.”