Tokyo’s ‘ambassador of light’ high on old spirits


Channeler Rae Chandran refuses anything to drink but water. He sits on a “zabuton” and takes a deep breath, stiffens, then shudders, his posture and face relaxing into what can only be described as a light trance-like state.

“I ask that wisdom and knowledge come through me today,” he says after a brief prayer — acknowledgment of the golden light of all things sacred and divine — “and benevolence for the intended people.”

The intended people are myself, my ever-accommodating but somewhat skeptical Japanese husband, an American friend who having seen trance mediums at work before has offered to act as an independent witness, and Chandran’s wife, Naomi, who despite being pregnant has made the trip from Tokyo to observe and support.

Since Chandran began channeling last year, four spirits have used him to pass on messages to individuals and the world: Gaia, speaking for Earth; Isis, a nature goddess whose worship originated in ancient Egypt; Jesus, the son of God in Christian belief but simply a teacher and prophet to others; and Amma, the feminine aspect of God. It is Amma who most often manifests through Chandran, and indeed it is she who comes through today . . .

In 1995, working in the States, Chandran fell in love with a Japanese woman. In a previous meeting with me, he described her as “a messenger to bring me here.” It seems she left after two months, forcing him into penury washing dishes in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho in order to survive. “But I kept telling myself: ‘I am bigger than this moment. This will not last. Things will get better.’ And they did.”

Slowly working his way out of shock, disappointment and loneliness, he wrote to Crisscross Publications, asking them to give him a job. “I told them I was good, they should try me. And they did. Later I was able to write to the woman who had brought me here and thank her. I was supposed to come. I love Japan.”

Chandran is now an account director for Metropolis, Tokyo’s leading listings magazine, for which role he favors dynamic shirts and colorful ties. (In his private life, he is a much quieter soul.) “I am lucky at Crisscross. No one thinks me weird, and if they do they keep quiet about it, show me respect. Actually, a lot of the staff are interested in my spiritual work, have asked for channeling sessions, even at the executive level.”

Chandran left southern India in 1980, where most people’s motto seemed to be, “Make money anytime, anyway you can.” He lived first in Hong Kong, then Singapore, and finally got a Green Card for the U.S., where he lived 11 years and began studying law. “I always felt the spirits guiding me, showing me the way.” He has not been back to India now for 13 years, fearing — and he is not joking here — he would kill someone or be killed. “Seeing too many injustices, it would drive me crazy.”

Nowadays, his private life is as busy as his professional life, and a large part is given for free, such as counseling homeless people, and kids. He is a regular at Spicon, Tokyo’s bimonthly annual spiritual fair. And was recently a host to Kryon, the energetic force that manifested in California in 1987, and whose message was brought to Tokyo through a weekend of lectures and workshops in late May.

Asked why America’s West Coast is such a spiritual hot spot, spawning so many new ideas and practices, his reply was simple: San Francisco is one of the least magnetically powerful places on the planet.

Asking people to suspend disbelief with one question — “Does the information Kryon brings empower you or not?” — the Kryon Live Tour was attended by over 200 delegates from 11 countries, and already future seminars and more workshops are being organized. All the healers were working for free, and the message was simple: Being part of God, with God — with all wisdom, everything you need to know and want already inside you — claim your magnificence. No need to join a cult or adopt a belief system, just work to change and transform your own life — do it yourself.

“Kryon has impacted my life a lot. Political and religious polarization will increase until the year 2008. After that someone will come, a woman born after 1948, who will bring peace to Israel, and this in turn will lead to the beginning of peace all over the planet.”

As for Japan, Chandran accurately predicted the Niigata earthquake, and says we must suffer the Koizumi government and one other — an even more reactionary lot — before there is an uprising. “Those around Koizumi are not working in people’s best interests. Japan must wake up; it’s vital to the survival of the planet. In 2012, as many have predicted, including the Mayans, there will be a mass awakening. Already the magnetic poles are shifting. And this is a scientific fact.”

He likens himself to a lighthouse. “Just take in the light and see clearly the choices to be made. But don’t let the light blind you, don’t make instant decisions. Filter what you hear, see, think.” Knowing who he is these days, Chandran is maintaining the beacon as best as he can. “I don’t remember everything Amma tells me, only bits and pieces, and then it’s gone.”

Right now, however, Amma is speaking to me directly through Chandran, and some of the things she tells me are astounding, things I have thought and feared and struggled with regarding family, my life mission and soul journey and never admitted to a living soul. She is not a fortuneteller, but rather all-knowing.

My husband is both shocked and not at all surprised to be told we have been married twice before, and since the last time I supported him it is his mission in this life to support me.

As for my so-called independent observer, he is overwhelmed, thinking Chandran has to be the real thing. We observe that during the channeling he hardly takes a breath; there is not a single shift of gear between questions and answers. And when Amma departs, and Chandran returns, smiling sheepishly and wondering what time it is, the energy in the room changes significantly.

Channeling is of course much disputed, much challenged. But when Amma tells me that I am the creator of my life, and that if I can create it, I can un-create it and create it anew, I take the message seriously.

Why? Because I know already that it’s true.