Chinese, a visa poser and used book sales

Chinese learning

Is there a Chinese-language school in Tokyo that teaches Chinese to English speakers (only in English; my Japanese skills are beginner level)?

Call Berlitz at (03) 3584-4211 and they can help you.

Visa query

None of my foreigner friends seem to be able to answer this one, and when they do opinions are mixed.

What happens when my visa sponsorship is terminated (as in, I quit my job) but I still have nearly 10 months on my working visa? Is it true that your visa defaults to a 90-day landing permit? Or can I take a sigh of relief in knowing that if, for some odd reason, I can’t get a job in the next 90 days, immigration is not going to hunt me down?

There were a number of changes made in the law from Dec. 1. We checked with Japan Helpline’s immigration lawyer and essentially you are required to inform immigration off any changes to your status.

At the same time, if you are looking for a job and it is only a matter of months, you are usually given the leeway to be keep looking on your current status.

The big question is whether you are intending to stay or leave. The main change in the law in December was to allow immigration to revoke the status of those who are in Japan but no longer have a need to.

As there are so many variables, if you have a problem, call Mr. Nakai at (03) 6402-7654 or e-mail him at info@tokyovisa.co.jp for more detailed information.

Used books

I am an English speaker living in Shizuoka-ken. I have been collecting books to sell in order to raise money for the tsunami relief.

I now have over 100 unsold books remaining and I am hoping you could provide me with the name of a secondhand book store that would buy these books or tell me of another way of disposing of them while still raising money for the cause.

Many are in good condition and were donated by ALTs in Shizuoka ken.

You are in luck! Call Nick at Caravan Books at (03) 5951-6406 or e-mail him at info@booksatcaravan.net

He will be happy to take your books and negotiate a price with you.

Do any of our readers know any other places that take used books?

— Ken Joseph Jr.

Auto-repair shop

After driving around some of the tiny streets and sharp corners of Tokyo for the last three years, Claire’s car is full of scratches and minor dents.

“Can someone please recommend an auto-repair shop to fix the dents and paint over the scratches? A shop near Shibuya/Yoyogi would be great. Also, what can I expect to pay for this sort of work?”

Recommendations gratefully received.

Finally, good news

Motoko is sorry that reader Tony could not find an upholstery restorer in Tokyo. She recommends her husband, Anton, who studied woodwork for four years in Zagreb in his native Croatia, and then worked in Britain’s West Yorkshire for a company specializing in antique restoration.

“During his time in the U.K. he also went to the college for a yearlong English upholstery course.”

Anton now has his own workshop for repairing/making furniture on the Miura peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture.

“He often does upholstery work for our customers, so if you have an interest in his work please contact us in English or Japanese.”

Anton Zivkovic can be contacted on (046) 856-8912, by mobile at (080) 5466-4076, or by e-mail at: mokopon@hotmail.com

— Angela Jeffs