What do you think of the recent anti-Japan protests in China?


Shawn Finn
Student, 23
I find the situation comical — there’s a whole generation of Japanese who don’t know their history, and the Chinese aren’t aware that it’s being drummed up to give the government a scapegoat.

Aikka Watanabe
Student, 20
It’s pointless. The world war was so long ago. I think it’s about nationalism. I know Japan did a lot of bad things to China, but Japan has apologized, it’s time to move on.

Noriko Suite
Bookshop worker, 32
It’s too much. For our textbooks we can write anything about our history. We’re not lying or trying to hide anything. The problem is the Chinese government isn’t stopping the protests.

Nicolas Moreau
Teacher, 30
I don’t know if the Chinese should lecture others on how to behave, but the Japanese are trying to forget their history a bit, and they should reflect on why the Chinese are angry.

Chris Harding
Student, 26
Tacit approval is a dangerous policy for the Chinese government. Once the government lets the population behave like that, soon they won’t be able to control them.

Kae Suzuki
Office worker, 20
I think it’s natural. Of course we’ve made mistakes, but our history isn’t just the war. Maybe the Japanese government should apologize more clearly, but the Chinese have to see history as not just the war.