Which do you prefer: town or country?


John Avery

Banker, 30

Definitely the city. Tokyo is so vibrant; there’s lots to do and places to go, great restaurants. I can’t really see myself as a country person, but I’d go there for vacation.

Hiroko Endo

Administration, 33

Not the country. I like the city because there are many good shops and restaurants. I can imagine moving to the country later in life because it’s comfortable there, and we can relax.

Lisa Rogers

Hairdresser, 26

I love the city everything’s buzzing 24-7. When people leave the city they think they’re escaping. But peace and mungbeans aren’t going to solve all of life’s problems.

Tadaharu Imaizumi

Banker, 27

It’s comfortable to live in the city because there are excellent shops and I can eat delicious dinners, but I’d also like to live on the coast to escape from Tokyo.

Eva Zeni

Student, 25

I prefer to live in the country, because there is more nature and people talk much more to each other. It’s not as selfish as the city, where people live in a hurry and can’t see a lot of problems.

Saori Sakai

Nurse, 34

I’d prefer to live in the city, but I live in the country, taking care of old people. But there are no jobs for young people, so there’s no chance to meet other young people.