ORIX Bank Introduces Cloud-based Automated Dialing System “Robot Call(R)*1”
Enhances Business Efficiency through RPA*2 to Improve Customer Satisfaction

ORIX Corporation

01/07/2019 10:20 am

TOKYO, Japan – December 20, 2018 – ORIX Bank Corporation (“ORIX Bank”) announced that it will be introducing Robot Call(R), a cloud-based automated dialing system, from today into its payment notification service mainly for individual customers repaying their real estate investment loans.

Robot Call is a system that handles a large volume of dialing operations through automated voice calls using software instead of human operators. It targets customers who require payment notifications and offers automated calls in accordance with the talk script prepared by ORIX Bank in advance. Once customers enter the required information according to the voice guidance, the system completes authentication and announces their direct debit date and other information for each customer.

At ORIX Bank, payment notification service is currently provided by operators. The introduction of this system is expected to help reduce the time spent by operators for such a service to less than one tenth from the approximately 1,440 hours currently used annually. ORIX Bank will reallocate the time and manpower freed up by the automation of some of its dialing operations to consulting and other services for customers with the aim of further enhancing customer satisfaction.

ORIX Bank is promoting the digitization of internal operations and procedures used by customers for three objectives: enhancement of business productivity, deepening of relationships with customers, and creation of new values. ORIX Bank will continue to seek an improvement in efficiency of internal operations, see things from customers’ perspectives, and become a bank they can count on.

*1 The system is provided by Green Ship Co., Ltd.
*2 RPA is the abbreviation for Robotic Process Automation. It refers to the system of using robots to automate standardized operations handled by humans.

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