Japan Association of New Public launched "Japan Social Enterprises/NGOs Directory"and issued"Outlook of Japan's Social Sector"

Japan Association of New Public

09/05/2018 8:00 am

Japan Association of New Public launched “Japan Social Enterprises/NGOs Directory” and issued “Outlook of Japan’s Social Sector”

Japan Association of New Public (JANP), the organization who realizes collective impact model of solving social issues, announced the launch of “Japan Social Enterprises/NGOs Directory.” It is the first comprehensive list which includes the introduction of innovative activities of problem-solving that Japanese NPOs are putting into practice. The unique approach to solve the social issues like a declining birth and aging population could be found there.

By providing information to various organizations worldwide, JANP member organizations aims to cooperate with stakeholders globally and solve social issues on the base of mutual understanding.

The list consists of overview information of about 90 member organizations of JANP (as of Aug 27, 2018) and they are categorised by referring the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As Japan faces a huge financial deficit and many social challenges, including a decreasing birth rate and aging population, which could be difficult for government to handle by itself, social enterprises and NGOs are becoming key stakeholders of tackling the issues. The directory is launched under the awareness that overview information and stories of most of those organizations are found only in Japanese today. We believe that it could provide meaningful insights for global community to solve similar problems.

Through the directory, overseas social enterprises and foundations could contact with Japanese organizations to cooperate, and promote the growth of society by solving social issues together.

Please look in more detail about the Japanese social sector on the article/website, “Outlook of Japan’s Social Sector,” written by Masataka Uo, the founder and CEO of Japan Fundraising Association, a nationwide fundraisers’ network that promotes philanthropic giving in Japan. The document is the most updated overview of the social sector in Japan.


Japan Social Enterprises/NGOs Directory

Commercial use is prohibited. The directory are intended only for non-commercial use. No user may resell, republish, print, download, or copy any portion of this directory or the contents for commercial use without the prior written consent of the JANP, except that reasonable copying or printing of its contents for individual, non-commercial use is permitted.

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JANP realizes collective impact model of solving social issues; we reform the system to solve social problems, collaborate with various sectors, and strengthen the management capabilities of the social sector.