FROSK, Inc.: G-STAR Exhibition Campaign! SmartBeat, the Smartphone App Crash Detection and Analytics Tool, Is Free for 30 Days!


11/12/2019 1:00 pm

TOKYO – Japan based FROSK, Inc. is offering the G-STAR exhibition campaign! Just for Korean app developers, its smartphone app crash detection and analytics tool, SmartBeat, free for 30 days!

-As a G-STAR negotiation perk, an additional 10 days (total 40 days) are free!

-SmartBeat’s three advantages
SmartBeat makes it easy to address ongoing quality assurance problems, using data from more than 100 countries and regions to support the quality improvement of apps from around the world.

[1] When a crash occurs, screen captures and a wealth of other data are collected in real time!
Crash detection occurs simultaneous to the error, so even data from users who leave for good is collected and analyzed. Beyond just basic error information, screen captures ensure a better understanding of what caused the error.
Also, it shows the number of normally difficult to detect Out of Memory errors.

[2] Must fix errors are automatically prioritized!
Errors with the same content are automatically grouped, and since it’s possible to sort based on the number of occurrences, affected users, etc, or filter by app version, etc, errors may be flexibly prioritized.

[3] Multi-platform support! Unreal Engine 4 is supported!
In addition to iOS and Android, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Cocos2d-x and other Game Engines are supported, so it can be used with many types of apps.

Additionally, there are many other useful features for improving the quality of your apps.
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Campaign Overview
Korean app developers will receive a 30 day extended free trial, normally only 14 days.
As a G-STAR negotiation perk, an additional 10 days (total 40 days) are free!
* Eligible free trial applications must be made by December 20, 2019 as a first-time business customer.
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