Affordable "Parent-Child work-study abroad program" to learn English in immersive environment and work in innovative Nature city in Cambodia

vKirirom Pte., Ltd

11/30/2018 4:00 pm

vKirirom Nature City located in Kirirom National Park in Cambodia, built by a famous Japanese entrepreneur, has started “Parent-Child work-study abroad program” from November 2018. The concept of this program is to provide parents with jobs and opportunities to improve themselves at vKirirom Nature City, while their children goes to an English immersive school which makes full use of latest IT technology. Currently, there are both Japanese and Cambodian parents who participates in this program, who have the opportunity to help build and improve vKirirom Nature City while living together and spending quality time with their children in harmony with nature.

Many parents want their children from a young age to receive high level education in English and be able to provide the opportunity for their children to attend International school or send their children overseas. However, these opportunities are limited to only those who are financially wealthy with cost that can be greater than $50,000 USD per year. “Parent-Child work-study abroad program” was created to provide valuable opportunities to as many families as possible for a brighter future for parents and their children.

■ vKirirom Nature city aims to become city of “Learning and innovation”, where all its visitors learn something new and share knowledge with others. Its four core businesses are, “Kirirom Institute of Technology” (University), “vKirirom Second Home” (Property), “vKirirom Pine Resort” (Resort) and “A2A Digital” (IT service).
In Deloitte Technology Fast 500 2017 Asia Pacific Ranking, it became number 28th overall in Asia Pacific and number 1 company which has its head quarter in Singapore as well.

■ Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT) is a top IT university in Cambodia, founded in 2014 and currently consists over 200 students who all live and learn together. KIT provides full scholarship including boarding and meals to all Cambodian students who pass the entrance exam to help students who are talented, hardworking and has the potential of becoming a leader but financially challenged.
vKIS is an elementary school tied to KIT.

■ vKirirom International School (vKIS) focuses on STEAM curriculum and delivering an affordable education for all in an immersive English environment. Various learning styles are used for teaching 21st century skills such as self learning, buddy learning, and PBL (Project Based Learning). KIT resources are leveraged to provide better education such as having KIT students teach some beginner programming courses.

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