Cuisine régionale L'évo in Toyama Prefecture selected for Destination Restaurant of the Year 2021

The Japan Times Cube Inc.

04/17/2021 9:00 am

The Japan Times Cube Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Minako Suematsu) created a list of 10 restaurants from Hokkaido to Okinawa for its Destination Restaurants 2021. Among them, Cuisine régionale L’évo in Toyama Prefecture was selected as Destination Restaurant of the Year 2021.

・The Japan Times Destination Restaurants 2021

The restaurants and auberges featured in Destination Restaurants 2021, were selected by a panel of three judges; Yoshiki Tsuji, Headmaster of Tsuji Culinary Institute and president of Tsujicho Group; Naoyuki Honda, President CEO Leverage Consulting Inc. and Takefumi Hamada, CEO, Access All Areas Inc.; they all share a deep knowledge of food and a great love for restaurant culture.

Since the beginning of COVID-19 last year, inbound tourism has greatly suffered, and the tourism and food industries continue to be significantly affected. As many of the fine restaurants and inns that have played a major role as a symbol for their area also are in danger, this list’s announcement offers an outlook for the post-pandemic situation. After excluding Tokyo’s 23 wards and ordinance-designated major cities, we hope to help promote the return of many visitors to rural areas and contribute to the discovery of talents frequently unknown outside their local area. Thus, we are introducing 10 destinations, a “Japanese restaurant list for people from around the world, chosen by Japanese people”.

In the future, in addition to introducing each restaurant in The Japan Times, we intend to organize dining tours and collaborative dinners in Tokyo.
The Japan Times plans to publish a Destination Restaurants list every year.

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