Tsunan Sake Brewery participated in Sustainable Sake NIGHT 2024, an event to discuss the relationship between sake and health

Tsunan Sake Brewery

06/02/2024 10:00 am

Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsunan Town, Niigata Prefecture, Representative: Kengo Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as “Tsunan Sake Brewery”) is pleased to announce its participation in the event “Sustainable Sake NIGHT 2024,” hosted by Space Seed Holdings Co., Ltd., held in Toranomon on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

The event began with an introduction to the Sustainable Food Museum, followed by a presentation on regenerative sake brewing by Tsunan Sake Brewery. During the event, Kento Hatase from MEMORY LAB provided an explanation of the potential health benefits of sake components, based on research conducted by his company. The presentation highlighted substances such as ergothioneine, agmatine, and alpha-EG (α-EG), which are present in sake and have the potential to contribute to anti-aging, especially in extreme environments like outer space.

One of the sessions titled “How to Ensure Sake is Drunk in Space by 2040?” featured spacecaster Remi Enomoto, who discussed the possibility of 1,000 people living on the moon by 2040 and the concept of space fermentation. Attendees were invited to imagine the use of sake in space and on Earth in 2040, followed by a tasting event to discuss these ideas further.

Tasting Event Highlights
At the tasting event, attendees enjoyed various brands produced by Tsunan Sake Brewery, including “GO GRANDCLASS Uonuma Koshihikari Edition” and “Green Sake (using Euglena cultured yeast extract).”

Space Oyster Farming Simulation Display
One of the highlights of the event was an exhibition on oyster farming in space. The display demonstrated the process of infusing oysters with rice koji as an example of cultivating oysters in space and incorporating rice-related particles into them. Sake such as Tsunan Sake Brewery’s “GO dolce,” which pairs well with oysters, was also served.

Event Details
Date and Time: Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 18:00-20:45
Venue: Sustainable Food Museum (Shintora Koya, https://visit-minato-city.tokyo/ja-jp/places/475)
Organizer: Space Seed Holdings Co., Ltd.
Co-Organizers: Sustainable Food Asia Co., Ltd., Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Introduction to regenerative sake brewing by Tsunan Sake Brewery
Presentation on the potential health benefits of sake components
Talk session: “How to Ensure Sake is Drunk in Space by 2040?”
Networking session with sake tasting
Talk Session Guests:
Kengo Suzuki, President, Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Kento Hatase, President, MEMORY LAB Co., Ltd.
Remi Enomoto, Spacecaster
Moderator: Satoshi Umino, President, Sustainable Food Asia Co., Ltd.

About Space Seed Holdings Co., Ltd.
Space Seed Holdings Co., Ltd. is committed to turning science fiction into non-fiction. By exploring new technologies, investing in startups, and conducting joint research with universities, the company aims to solve societal issues. Ultimately, Space Seed Holdings aims to gather the necessary technologies for living in outer space with various stakeholders. Utilizing its academic knowledge and network, the company plans to continue providing new services and products addressing societal issues through a science-based dialogue.

About Sustainable Food Asia Co., Ltd.
Sustainable Food Asia Co., Ltd. aims to create a new standard of food by addressing societal issues through business. The company collaborates with Japanese and Southeast Asian enterprises in the research, development, manufacturing, import, and alliance support of sustainable food materials.

About Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a sake brewery located in Akinari, Tsunan Town, Nakauonuma District, Niigata Prefecture. Known for its heavy snowfall, this region uses natural spring water from 2,000-meter-high mountains for sake production. Utilizing local specialty sake rice “Gohyakumangoku,” the brewery engages in sake brewing in harmony with nature under the brand concept “Brew for Future – Brewing a Coexisting Future.” Since 2023, with a new management structure, the brewery aims to create new value by integrating the brewery with science and expanding overseas.