FARM8 Corporation speaks at 'Plug and Play Japan Summit summer/fall 2023 Batch' on the diversity and new possibilities for small and unique local sake breweries through Japanese sake subscriptions.

FARM8 Co.,ltd

10/04/2023 1:45 pm

FARM8 Corporation (HQ: Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture / CEO Atsushi Kabasawa) had Atsushi Kabasawa, CEO, on stage at the “Plug and Play Japan Summit summer/fall 2023 Batch” start-up pitch held on 14/15 September 2023 at Toranomon Hills Forum (Minato-ku, Tokyo). CEO Atsushi Kabasawa took the stage.

The theme of our pitch was “The Future of Sake”.
We have created a network of small, unique sake breweries scattered across Japan and are developing a subscription service called SAKEPOST, which allows even sake beginners to compare pouch sake drinks.

Sake subscription website for Japan
Sake subscription website for outside Japan (Singapore and Hong Kong)

FARM8 CEO Kabasawa is also the president of his own sake brewery.
The brewery is located deep in the mountains of Tsunan-machi, Niigata Prefecture, which is said to be one of the snowiest regions in Japan, covered with more than three metres of snow every winter.

Feeling the hardships of a small sake brewery and realising that there is no bright future for sake breweries if they are fighting for shelves with branding, we developed this service called SAKEPOST with the aim of working with many sake breweries to create a society that is still making sake 100 years from now.

SAKEPOST is a subscription service that delivers three brands of sake in pouches of 100 ml each to your mailbox every month.

The package does not include the brand name, and by scanning the two-dimensional code on the back with a smartphone, users can share information about the sake brewery and the brand name, as well as their impressions with other users who have drunk the sake, and send messages directly to the brewery to receive a reply.

One advantage of the non-bottle packaging is that overseas transport can reduce transport costs, as more sake can be loaded and shipped and the risk of damage is greatly reduced.

In addition, by directing all brand information to the internet site, users are able to interact with other users, two-way communication with the brewery and even multilingual support, which allows for interaction with fans and informing users about the story and brewing background of the brewery.

Many investors, Venture Capital and business companies visited our stand at the pitch venue and we were able to discuss the challenges and possibilities of sake, which were not well known.

This is the second time since 2019 that FARM8 has participated in the acceleration programme organised by Plug and Play JAPAN, and we are grateful for this opportunity to pitch as we continue our work to increase the number of sake fans worldwide.

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