Spring gourmet special



Andaz Tokyo

Welcoming spring from high atop Tokyo

For an unbeatable combination of sublime ambience, quality food and chic displays of cherry blossoms this spring, visit the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills' Rooftop Bar.

The upscale bar on the 52nd floor of Tokyo's second-tallest building will be decorated with cherry trees during the spring blossom-viewing period from March 26 through April 10.

Guests will be treated to enticing selections of sushi, Iberico ham, roast beef, chicken and pork loin, lobster, prawns, salmon and plenty of vegetables. A variety of lavish desserts such as sakura (cherry blossom) trifles and tartlets complete the experience. Dinner is ¥15,000 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The brunch buffet (11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and afternoon tea (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) will be held on only four days (March 26 and 27 and April 2 and 3) and are ¥6,000 and ¥3,200 respectively (excluding tax and service charge).

Those with a sweet tooth can stop by at the Pastry Shop and pick up colorful, sweet and savory confections that include sakura eclairs (¥200), macarons with sakura cream filling (¥1,200 for three) and sakura trifles (¥550) — juicy and flavorful layers of cherry blossom and peach melded together in beautiful concert (all prices excluding tax).


Hotel Century Southern Tower

Champagne and cherries to ring in spring

For guests to fully appreciate the arrival of spring, the Hotel Century Southern Tower is holding a sakura (cherry blossom) fair at its Tribeks restaurant and the South Court Lounge & Bar through April 17.

Tribeks offers a marvelous sakura course dinner (for ¥8,910 per person) that starts with sakura-flavored smoked salmon accompanied by spring vegetables. Followed by soup and panfried seasonal fish, a choice of grilled lobster with cream sauce or grilled Kumamoto wagyu beef served with sea salt and mustard. For dessert, a souffle and a crepe with sakura jam and strawberries will be served along with a selection of tea.

The South Court lounge will also provide guests with the perfect Champagne, cocktails and wines to welcome the warmer weather. As for Champagne, carefully aged Gruet Brut Selection is available, offering its well-known delicately balanced taste and fine bubbles. The same Champagne is used as the base in sakura cocktails, bringing a distinctive refreshing taste to the Sakura Mojito and an elegant flavor to the Sakura Symphony cocktail, both priced at ¥1,700. The wine selection includes a dry Maculan Pino & Toi white wine and a berry flavored Maculan Pino & Nelo red (priced from ¥1,500 each).


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine in tranquil garden

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, hidden inside Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo's beautiful garden, Japanese restaurant Mokushundo sports an early 20th-century retro appeal. Perfectly positioned to enjoy sakura (cherry blossoms), Mokushundo presents an authentic Japanese barbecue style cuisine, and for this season, the restaurant is offering a lunch course “Sakura no Utage” (cherry blossom party) featuring spring ingredients, through April 10.

The course, priced at ¥5,500, is comprised of three appetizers, carpaccio of sakura sea bream served with a pink dressing, steamed wild vegetables, wagyu sirloin fillet grilled on lava rocks from Mt. Fuji, grilled vegetables, rice, soup and dessert.

Mokushundo not only satisfies the appetite, but the restaurant is also a treat for the eyes, with a beautiful garden full of fluttering sakura petals falling from 120 sakura trees. Below the garden, guests can enjoy hundreds of sakura trees planted along the Kanda River. From May, diners will have the opportunity to appreciate the garden ablaze with fireflies.


The Conrad Tokyo

Tasting a new twist of cherry blossoms

From March 21 to April 2, the Conrad Tokyo hotel's Chinese restaurant Chinese Blue will offer a limited edition course featuring cherry blossoms throughout the meal.

Head chef Albert Tse came up with a sakura (cherry blossom) edition of the popular “Futari Sekai” (couple's world) course that allows guests to share the dishes. Weaving together Tse's experience in Singaporean and Hong Kong cuisine, sakura, with a new take on it as an ingredient, is incorporated into all of the dishes.

The vividly presented modern Chinese dishes include founder with bamboo shoots, salted cherry blossom petals, sakura flavored concentrated fish soup, fried spiny lobster and chicken seasoned with dried, powdered cherry blossom salt and fried rice with crab and sakura shrimp. Indulge in the decadent meal whileenjoying the views of Hamarikyu Gardens and Tokyo Bay. The course is priced at ¥28,000 for two and is available for lunch and dinner.

Additionally, the hotel's stylish bar Twenty Eight is offering a popular annual sakura afternoon tea set dubbed “Pink” through April 24. The set is ¥3,950 per person and available from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Spring confections to satisfy the sweet tooth

The Grand Hyatt Tokyo's Fiorentina Pastry Boutique, in the first floor lobby, features award-winning cakes, pastries, desserts and chocolates created with carefully selected ingredients by an internationally recognized team of patissiers.

Just in time for the beautiful cherry blossoms, the pastry boutique is offering delightful desserts such as sakura (cherry blossom) financier cakes (¥900) decorated with petals and sweet sakura soybean bread (¥280), both of which will make perfect gifts. Also on offer is the sakura petal bread filled with sakura adzuki bean paste, also priced at ¥280.

Additionally, there are cakes featuring sakura such as pound cakes for ¥2,400, roll cakes for ¥1,500 and unique selections such as “Salame di Cioccolato Sakura” (¥1,800) in the shape of salami, and a 27 cm eclair for ¥1,800.

For those craving smaller desserts, there are also sakura-infused sweets on offer such as marshmallows for ¥650 and panna cotta cream pudding for ¥750. All prices are subject to tax.

Guests are invited to enjoy the splendor of spring with desserts and cakes inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms through mid-April.


Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Escaping the city in a tropical paradise

For those looking to escape the daily grind, the Hotel New Otani's international restaurant Trader Vic's offers the perfect way to accomplish this.

Trader Vic's serves an exquisite “East meets West” fusion cuisine in a South Pacific island atmosphere, created with fascinating craft pieces, including Tongan tapa and Tiki figurines carved by Fijians and Maori, that have been collected from all the Polynesian Islands.

In this relaxing space, guests can enjoy a wide range of dishes from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. In particular, the restaurant's signature wood-fired oven that gives meat, fish and fowl a subtle smoky flavor cannot be missed.

Highly recommended is the grade four-A Saga wagyu, succulent beef that melts in the mouth, priced at ¥13,500 for 120 g, or for a prix fixe dinner for ¥18,500. A selection of over 70 carefully blended tropical cocktails, including “Tikinis” (frozen drinks), wines and Champagne are available for reasonable prices.


ANA InterContinental Tokyo

Taking in the spring blooms with delicious food, drinks

When it comes to hanami (cherry blossom viewing), it cannot be denied that food plays an important role in adding a celebratory sparkle to the experience. Located near one of the prime cherry-blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, the ANA InterContinental Tokyo is a perfect place to dine and soak up the spring spectacle.

Through April 17, guests will be treated to various spring-inspired items at eateries and shops in the hotel, which is surrounded by over 210 cherry trees lining the neighboring streets.

Memorable flavors are on offer at Unkai Japanese restaurant, which is preparing a beautifully presented boxed lunch packed with seasonal and exotic ingredients such as mackerel, firefly squid, young bamboo shoots, fukinoto (butterbur sprouts), taranome (angelica tree buds) and more. The restaurant is also offering a lavish kaiseki (traditional Japanese multicourse) dinner featuring a succession of colorful seasonal creations, including cherry sea bream, cherry salmon, cherry shrimp and various mountain vegetables. The serene Japanese garden facing the restaurant adds to the spring atmosphere. Lunch is available for ¥5,200, while dinner is ¥16,500 (tax and service charge excluded).

At the Karin Chinese restaurant, guests can delve into superbly crafted delicacies created with high-end seafood and vegetables all bursting with the flavors of spring. Savor mouthwatering fresh abalone, lobster, bird's nest soup, crispy and succulent Peking duck and much more. Lunch is priced at ¥5,500 and dinner is ¥15,000 (tax and service charge excluded).

Those who want a sip of the delicate taste and fragrance of cherry blossoms should try the limited-edition cocktails — Sakura Mojito, Sakura Royal Fizz and Sakura Martini — at MIXX Bar & Lounge. Based on shochu (distilled liquor), Champagne and sake, respectively, all three contain sakura (cherry blossom) liquor. There is also the alchohol-free Sakura Cooler, made of cherry syrup and ginger ale with accents of lemon and slices of ginger. The drinks are available through April 30 for ¥1,900 each (tax and service charge excluded). Enjoy the cocktails while gazing through the windows that provide dazzling panoramic views of the city.

Last but not least, a collection of sakura-themed confections are on offer at acclaimed French chef Pierre Gagnaire's eponymous bakery, Pierre Gagnaire Pains et Gateaux, for revelers to take home or enjoy under the cherry trees. Relish the crusty and moist sakura financier, or enjoy the indulgent cherry blossom scent of the sakura anpan (a sweet bun filled with adzuki bean paste). This sakura anpan is simply a masterpiece, with the dough containing sake lees and the filling infused with salt-preserved sakura leaves. Also, check out the sakura classic, a delectable and rich chocolate cake infused with tart cherries, beautifully decorated with cherry-blossoms and branches made of chocolate. The cake is ¥4,000 and a petit gateau is ¥400 (tax and service charge included).


Hotel Okura Tokyo

Getting a rare look at gardens from around the world

For those interested in a glimpse of gardens from around the world, Hotel Okura Tokyo will host the 16th Annual Gardening Fair from May 3 to 7.

The event has been held since 2000, and features the history, tradition and culture of different countries showcased in the form of gardens. Owing to its popularity, the total number of visitors has exceeded 270,000 over the past 15 years. Due to rebuilding of the Main Building, the event will be held at Ascot Hall in the South Wing.

For the event, a female ambassador as well as spouses of ambassadors from 10 countries created images of gardens that represent their countries. Based on these images, landscape architect Nobuo Shirasuna made detailed sketches to produce the gardens using plants from their countries.

This year's participants are: Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, the Federated States of Micronesia, South Africa and Uruguay.

For those who want to experience delicious cuisine from participating countries, a lunch buffet will be offered at the Orchard Room. Tickets to the fair cost ¥1,500 for adults (¥1,000 for advance tickets), while tickets including the lunch buffet are available for ¥8,000 (¥7500 for advance tickets).


Park Hotel Tokyo

Experience the ‘Spring of Life' with art exhibition, fine food

Well-known as a luxury hotel in central Tokyo that caters to both domestic and international guests, the Park Hotel Tokyo is holding the 16th “ART Colours Exhibition,” the “Spring of Life Exhibition,” through May 29. Admission for the quarterly exhibition is free.

Inspired by the hotel's concept, “innite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty,” the exhibition features contemporary artists and works by ukiyo-e artists that represented youth culture during the Edo Period.

Under the “Spring of Life” theme, the artwork captures the indenable transition of mind and emotion that one experiences as a youngster. Along with the artwork displayed on the 25th floor, guests can enjoy a spectacular view of Tokyo Tower, as well as Mt. Fuji. In the evening, projection mapping inspired by the exhibition will be displayed on a 30-meter high wall.

As for cuisine, guests can enjoy delicious items and drinks created to complement with the artworks. A coffee and strawberry tart set is offered for ¥1,800 at the ART Lounge from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., whereas tarts alone are served for ¥1,200 from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Bar The Society has prepared an exquisite cocktail, “Sakurabito — Admiration for Cherry Blossoms,” designed by chief “cocktail designer” Takayuki Suzuki and available for ¥1,600.


Royal Park Hotel

Boxed lunches ideal fare for viewing cherry blossoms

For those who have not yet made hanami (cherry blossom viewing) plans, Royal Park Hotel is offering a gorgeous limited lunch box set that is perfect for hanami, at the hotel's Genjikoh Japanese restaurant, through April 10.

This spring, guests can appreciate the beautiful Japanese garden and pond surrounded by sakura (cherry blossoms) and other trees while enjoying the nest boxed lunch set at Genjikoh. The set is vividly arranged with seasonal ingredients such as ground chicken and potatoes, octopus and grilled salmon. For ¥5,940 per person (tax included), the two-tiered lunch box contains 14 dishes, including an appetizer, shrimp, vegetables cut into flower shapes, tuna and sea bream sashimi, chirashi-zushi (sushi in a bowl), and dessert.

Additionally, the restaurant also offers a delicious tempura set for lunch and dinner at its Matsukaze tempura counter, where the best seasonal ingredients are prepared right before your eyes.The set is comprised of the chef's original tempura using wild plants, sh and fresh vegetables, rice or soba and side dishes. Offered until April 30, the set is available for ¥10,800 per person (tax included).


Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

Champagne menu celebrates changing of the season

Hoping to speed along the coming of spring, the Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo is holding various cherry blossom promotions.

Served through April 14, the “Veuve Clicquot x Piacere Champagne Dinner” offers diners a taste of a Champagne with a history that has provided a bold and thrilling taste since the establishment of Veuve Clicquot in 1772. Executive chef Andrea Ferrero of Piacere Italian restaurant has created a menu of contemporary Italian with shrimp, salmon, radish, apple and other dishes that represent the vivid colors of spring, skillfully bringing together the textures and flavors in perfect harmony. The course boasts five items that are perfectly complemented by the ne Champagne. The bubbly includes two new — introduced in February — rose Champagnes by Veuve Clicquot.

A cherry blossom afternoon tea is being served at The Lobby Lounge. A variety of confections inspired by cherry blossoms are available such as cherry blossom jelly presented with dry ice. Guests can choose from 25 varieties of tea to enjoy with their food while listening to a piano performance.


Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

Embracing California cuisine in tranquil, relaxing setting

Nestled in one of Tokyo's serene corners, the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo's first-floor French and Japanese fusion restaurant Cafe California is offering a spring prix fixe lunch until May 31.

According to the head chef, Californian cuisine is a fusion of cuisines from around the world. Following the style, Cafe California produces a wide range of food incorporating French techniques that are well represented in the lunch course.

For the meal, guests can choose an appetizer and a main dish from a selection of tentative dishes. Examples of appetizers are a vegetable terrine with plum sauce or grilled white asparagus with orange sauce. For the main, guests have a choice between broiled salmon and cabbage with basil sauce, stewed pork with tomato sauce or grilled chicken and cheese with tomato sauce. Including bread, drinks and gelato, the course is available for ¥3,500. For those who want to feel the spring breeze and admire sakura (cherry blossoms) while enjoying the meal, the terrace space is open daily.


The Westin Tokyo

Exclusive dishes serve to mark the arrival of spring

To welcome the coming of spring, the Westin Tokyo is offering spring limited dishes at its prestigious restaurants.

From March 22 to April 30, hotel's vaunted Japanese teppanyaki, or iron grill, restaurant Yebisu is serving the “Sakura Teppan Kaiseki” course featuring fresh seasonal ingredients. The menu includes spring sea bream grilled with salt, braised scorpionsh, fried sakura (cherry blossom) shrimp and the best Yebisu beef. As a grand nale, sea bream rice porridge using rare Mikohara rice will be served to top off the great meal. The delightful kaiseki (traditional multicourse meal) dinner is priced at ¥22,750, and it is available from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Other restaurants, such as French restaurant Victor's, will offer a beautifully presented sakura course for lunch and dinner from March 22 to April 10, while Japanese restaurant Mai, will serve artfully arranged bento (boxed meal) filled with seasonal items through March 31.


Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

Commemorative menus, offers mark 15th anniversary

Commemorative offers will be available at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel this spring, including accommodation plans, innovative restaurant menus and party and wedding plans, as the hotel celebrates its 15th anniversary.

The hotel's French restaurant Coucagno on May 24 will prepare a lavish lunch and dinner anniversary course. For this special day, the hotel's chefs, including executive chef Nobuhiko Fukuda will add his flair to Coucagno's chef Nobuto Nagatsuma's original recipes.

Guests will enjoy the luxury of experiencing Provencal cuisine that showcase different flavors, while taking in exceptional views of Tokyo from the 40th floor.

The lunch course, which starts at noon, costs ¥10,000 per person, while dinner is available for ¥20,000 per person (including tax and service charge, excluding drinks). Dinner begins at 7 p.m. and reservations are required for both meals.

The Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel sits in the vibrant Shibuya area, a central spot offering easy accessibility to major Tokyo sightseeing and shopping districts. The hotel provides an excellent service for guests under the concept of Japanese hospitality delivered creatively. Entertainment facilities such as the Noh Theatre and Jazz Club JZ Brat are merely some aspects of the hotel's creativeness.

Restaurant celebrates milestone with Italian culinary delights

Commemorating the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel's 15th anniversary, the Garden Kitchen Caramelo restaurant is holding an event titled “Medieval Italian Mamma's Food Travels” from April 20 to May 31.

For this occasion, the restaurant is offering carefully selected Italian ingredients to create an a la carte dinner menu using these fresh and delicious items.

The dishes include fettuccine with ham and green pea stew, black truffle-flavored straccetti with green asparagus, pork jowls stewed in green olives with polenta and herb-roasted beef with chicory salad. The hotel's Japanese skilled chefs, who are trained in Italian cuisine, will prepare the dishes.

The dishes also come with bread dubbed “Italian salt-free bread from the medieval ages,” baked without sugar or salt: the ingredients are just wheat, water and yeast. The crust is baked to a beautiful brown, and the true flavor of wheat comes through when biting into a piece of the bread.

The dishes are priced from ¥1,500 and dinner is available from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (L.O.). Caramelo, under the motto of “taste delectable dishes whenever you want,” is on the lobby floor, where guests can relax and enjoy dinner facing a beautiful green garden. The restaurant typically offers a wide variety of dishes, including Chinese, Japanese and various desserts.