The transport ministry summoned Japan Airlines President Mitsuko Tottori on Monday to issue a stern reprimand following a series of recent incidents involving JAL aircraft.

The ministry demanded that the company submit measures to prevent any recurrence by June 11.

In response, Tottori said that the company is deeply sorry for causing great anxiety and will take appropriate measures after fully analyzing the incidents.

The reprimand was issued over a total of five incidents involving JAL in Japan and abroad since last November.

On Thursday, the wingtip of a JAL plane carrying some 300 passengers touched that of another JAL plane in a parking apron at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. On May 10, a JAL aircraft set to take off from Fukuoka Airport crossed a stop line after being instructed to halt, and approached a runway, causing a taxing plane on the runway to abort takeoff. No injuries were reported in the two cases.

The ministry conducted an on-site inspection of the company on Friday under the civil aeronautics law.