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Commentary Feb 1, 2011

A contrarian view of how 'austerity' bleeds Japan

With the Standard and Poor's downgrading of Japan's long-term credit rating from AA to AA minus, the focus even more is on how the economy can get out of its current deflationary quagmire. For most of the 1970s and '80s, Japan had no quagmire. It ...

Commentary / World Jan 27, 2011

Facing the specter of famine

SINGAPORE — In India, a potentially huge economic and social crisis is in the making, involving extensive rewriting of recipe books to exclude a favorite ingredient. Onions are in short supply and their prices have risen by 80 percent, too expensive for many Indians ...

Commentary / World Apr 1, 2008

At least India can look dissent in the eye

MADRAS, India — When I was at Deauville recently to cover the Asian Film Festival, I was surprised to see Tibetan protesters carrying placards urging independence for their homeland. Hours later, my French friend in Cannes — who has adopted a sweet Tibetan girl — ...