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Commentary / World Dec 5, 2011

China: soft or crash landing?

Economists who believe that China can come to the rescue of an increasingly troubled global economy are now in a decided minority, with questions increasingly being asked whether China can save itself: Will China's economy achieve a soft landing, a hard landing or even ...

Editorials Nov 3, 2010

Lay judges opt for life

The prosecution had demanded a death sentence — the first such demand since lay judge trials started in August 2009 — in a lay judge trial of a 42-year-old man charged with murdering a 21-year-old female worker at a Tokyo ear-cleaning shop, which he ...

Editorials Sep 7, 2010

Preparing for 'deep landslides'

Unusually strong rains caused heavy damage in western Japan and the Chubu region this summer. For example, an evacuation order was issued to 110,000 residents of some 48,000 households in Hiroshima. In mid-July, record precipitation was recorded at six points in Japan, including rainfall ...