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Capeson mixes R&B with U.K. indie on 'Hiraeth'

/ | Nov 27, 2016

Capeson mixes R&B with U.K. indie on 'Hiraeth'

Capeson "Hiraeth" (Tokyo Recordings) Fledging label Tokyo Recordings gained significant buzz after its founder, Nariaki Obukuro (N.O.R.K.), collaborated with Hikaru Utada on her comeback album, "Fantome." Weeks later, the label released "Hiraeth", the debut album by singer-songwriter Capeson, who was born in Tokyo but spent his ...

/ | Oct 23, 2016

Guests shine on Utada's return album

Utada Hikaru "Fantome" (Universal Music Japan) Earlier this month, my colleague Ryotaro Aoki wrote that he hoped pop star Hikaru Utada's highly anticipated return to the music scene via her album "Fantome" would "save" the Japanese music scene. But did it really need saving? Sure, record ...

Nogizaka46 'Sorezore no Isu' (N46Div.)

/ | Jun 19, 2016

Nogizaka46 "Sorezore no Isu" (N46Div.)

You could say Nogizaka46 was born to fight. Created by Yasushi Akimoto and billed as the "official rivals" to his breadwinning AKB48 outfit, the group overcame an adultery scandal in 2014 and made its debut on NHK's yearend "Kohaku Uta Gassen" music extravaganza in ...

Seiho's rise out of the clubs results in 'Collapse'

May 22, 2016

Seiho's rise out of the clubs results in 'Collapse'

Seiho Hayakawa knows how to work a room. After his show at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn — a performance that saw him thrashing his long hair back and forth to electronic beats — the Osaka-born musician takes a walk through the crowd. He ...