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Editorials Oct 19, 2011

Preparing for future disasters

Following discussions in the wake of the March 11 quake and tsunami, an experts' panel of the Central Disaster Management Council submitted its final report to post-disaster reconstruction minister Tatsuo Hirano in late September. The report called on the central and local governments to ...

Commentary / World Sep 28, 2011

Who's afraid of a little class warfare?

A week ago Monday, defending his plan to raise taxes on the rich to pay for job creation, President Barack Obama said: "This is not class warfare, it's math." No, Mr. President, this is class warfare. Corporate interests and the rich started it and, right ...

Reader Mail Jul 19, 2009

Even 24 missiles are too many

Regarding Gwynne Dyer's July 12 article, "It's up to the five powers to bottle the nuclear genie": The can of worms was opened 64 years ago and the worms are unlikely ever to return to the can. Even if, say, the United States shed ...

Commentary Apr 22, 2009

Nuclear disarmament: too much, too soon?

There is no country on Earth more committed to global nuclear disarmament than Japan. Ever since experiencing firsthand the horrors of nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese government and people have been steadfast in calling for the total elimination of nuclear weapons ...