Martina Farris

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Commentary / World Dec 5, 2011

China: soft or crash landing?

Economists who believe that China can come to the rescue of an increasingly troubled global economy are now in a decided minority, with questions increasingly being asked whether China can save itself: Will China's economy achieve a soft landing, a hard landing or even ...

Reader Mail Jun 2, 2011

A hard road to the leading edge

Paul Frey writes in his May 29 letter, "Japan's return to the leading edge," that Japan can be a leader in the "new" areas of wind, solar, geothermal, conservation and energy efficiency. That goal will certainly not be reached tomorrow, but I agree with ...

Editorials Jan 29, 2010

Google, China and the facts of life

Google's motto is "don't be evil." Some assert that such sentiment — common sense for most human beings — is irrelevant for a corporate entity dedicated to the pursuit of profit. Yet Google is no jordinary company. It provides the infrastructure through which a ...