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| Jul 21, 2010

Bloggers in blue spread their net

Teenagers and marketers aren't the only ones riding the social- media wave — several police departments in Japan have joined in, running their own community blogs to improve communication with residents. The latest to join the blog craze are four chuzaisho (police stations that double ...

Beauty comes to Shiki's new theatrical space

/ Jul 16, 2010

Beauty comes to Shiki's new theatrical space

The Shiki Theatre: Natsu echoed with the sound of applause as a specially selected audience was treated to a preview performance of "Beauty and the Beast." With brilliant lighting and buoyant rhythms, the beauty and her beast returned to the stage in Japan 15 years ...

Jun 25, 2010

Japan fans to 'Beat It' in memory of Michael

One year after the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, the tears may have stopped, but the devotion continues. As music lovers reflect on June 25, the first anniversary of Jackson's death, the King of Pop's Japanese fans have organized a variety of events to ...

Yokohama seeks French joie de vivre

/ Jun 11, 2010

Yokohama seeks French joie de vivre

Yokohama is known for its international flair and this month the French Tricolore will paint the city. June is Yokohama-France Month and the Yokohama Nichi-Futsu Gakuin (Yokohama Japan-France Academy) is coordinating several events put on by various corporations and the government. The celebration is bound ...