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'Long-selling Japanese Products From The Past 30 Years'

/ Aug 26, 2011

"Long-selling Japanese Products From The Past 30 Years"

There are many long-selling products around us. As such, old packages of familiar products can often remind us of our childhood, because the package design of these everyday items clearly reflects the aesthetic and lifestyle of a bygone generation. This exhibition, which comprises about 300 ...

'Gaka Murata Makoto 'Sekai No Kyosho Seriese' '

/ Aug 19, 2011

"Gaka Murata Makoto 'Sekai No Kyosho Seriese' "

Makoto Murata is an art writer who also serves as principal of the Bank ART School in Yokohama. In the 30 years since he graduated in painting at Tokyo Zoukei University he has contributed numerous sharply intuitive articles on art to various journals. The paintings ...

'Kusama's Body Festival in '60s'

/ Aug 19, 2011

"Kusama's Body Festival in '60s"

Yayoi Kusama, the internationally famous Japanese artist, has drawn attention over her career with her avant-garde works and performances. However, in looking back on her career of more than 50 years it is clear the 1960's was a particularly stimulating period for her. Watari-um is ...

'Leo Rubinfien: Wounded Cities'

/ Aug 19, 2011

"Leo Rubinfien: Wounded Cities"

The terrorist attacks in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, are imprinted on the memories of people around the world. Now, after 10 years, the physical damage in New York seems to be gradually mending. But what about the psychological recovery in society? Leo ...

'Eel Expo Tokyo'

Aug 11, 2011

"Eel Expo Tokyo"

The University Museum, The University of TokyoCloses Oct. 16 What kind of images or memories does the word "summer" evoke in your mind? If you were to ask Japanese people, a large portion of them may say that they associate summer with the fragrant flavor ...

Mar 24, 2011

Tokyo's art scene struggles to resume

It's been two weeks since the Kanto-Tohoku earthquake and the nation is only just able to start assessing the long-term effects it will have on society. In Tokyo, which has been lucky enough to suffer little structural damage, museums and galleries, many of which ...

Museums close to cope with earthquake damage and fallout

Mar 18, 2011

Museums close to cope with earthquake damage and fallout

The tragedy of Friday's massive earthquake and following tsunami in northeast Japan has shaken the nation. And as Japan attempts to assess the damage and send relief, the country's art world is attempting to recover and show support. The Agency of Cultural Affairs announced on ...

The high altitudes of airplane aesthetics

Feb 25, 2011

The high altitudes of airplane aesthetics

Aeronautical science has always been a hotbed of innovative technology. Changes in human society, such as improved global networking and an increase in travelers has meant that aircraft design has always been dynamic, improving to meet passengers' military and others' expectations and demands. In this ...

'Why is it Masterwork?'

Jan 21, 2011

'Why is it Masterwork?'

Bridgestone Museum of Art Closes April 16 What makes an artwork a masterpiece? Do we just believe museums when they describe works as "remarkable" without considering the art on our own terms? "Why is it Masterwork?" offers a meaningful start to the year's ...

'The World of Red and White'

| Dec 24, 2010

'The World of Red and White'

Hasegawa Machiko Museum Closes Feb. 13 If you were to ask a Japanese person to name a very popular anime titles, he or she would likely mention "Sazae-san," the amusing adventures of a ordinary Japanese family. While the TV program and the original comic-book series ...