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'Giovanni Segantini: Light and Mountains'

/ Nov 18, 2011

"Giovanni Segantini: Light and Mountains"

The late 19th-century Italian artist Giovanni Segantini (1858-99) was so strongly inspired by the Swiss Alps that he moved there to paint at high altitudes. His early style of soft images in warm tones developed to brighter colors and more defined depictions that set ...

'Undressing Paintings: Japanese Nudes 1880-1945'

/ Nov 11, 2011

"Undressing Paintings: Japanese Nudes 1880-1945"

The nude may now be a common and popular subject for artists, but in Japan, depicting a naked person was considered immoral and obscene during the early Meiji Period (1868-1912). This exhibition explores how modern Japanese artists such as Seiki Kuroda and Busho Hara ...

'Valerio Olgiati'

/ Nov 4, 2011

"Valerio Olgiati"

Swiss architect and designer Valerio Olgiati has an office in Zurich and another in the Swiss mountainside municipality of Flims. He also worked for a number of years in Los Angeles and has recently garnered international acclaim for his daring and yet simple designs. Nine ...

'Asami Kiyokawa: Bijo Saishu'

/ Nov 4, 2011

"Asami Kiyokawa: Bijo Saishu"

Most people only think of drawing, painting and photography as the media for 2-D art works. Asami Kiyokawa, however, has chosen something different to enhance her work: embroidery. Kiyokawa is well known for combining photographs of beautiful women and illustrations with intricate stitching and beading ...

'DOMA, Akioka Yoshio Ten: Mono eno Shiso to Kankei no Dezain'

/ Oct 28, 2011

"DOMA, Akioka Yoshio Ten: Mono eno Shiso to Kankei no Dezain"

As Japan recovered from World War II, changes in economy and society accelerated. Mass-produced goods and mass-consumerism quickly became a norm. Yoshio Akioka (1920-97), was a multi-talented artist of the time, whose influential work covers illustration, painting, industrial design and woodcraft. During the 1960s, he ...

'Charlotte Perriand et le Japon'

/ Oct 28, 2011

"Charlotte Perriand et le Japon"

In the early 1920s, Charlotte Perriand studied furniture design at the Ecole de l'Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. She was later invited by the great architect Le Corbusier to join his studio and design interiors. In 1940, Perriand came to Japan as an ...

/ Oct 21, 2011

The best films come in 13s

The 13th anniversary of the death of celebrated filmmaker Juzo Itami seems as good a time as any for a retrospective — after all, his first name, Juzo, is written in Japanese with kanji that means "13." From Oct. 22 to 24, in conjunction ...

/ Oct 21, 2011

Get on board for some art

Osaka's Keihan Electric Line might not seem like the ideal gallery space, but the city's Art Area B1 is hoping to change that. "Nishino Travelers: Where is your destination?" is the first project of an art festival called Tetsudo Geijutsusai (railway art festival). For the ...

'KAWAI Gyokudo: A Retrospective'

/ Oct 21, 2011

"KAWAI Gyokudo: A Retrospective"

During the Meiji Era (1868-1912), nihonga (Japanese-style) artist Gyokudo Kawai (1873-1957) developed a new aesthetic of Japanese painting by mixing the styles of two popular schools of the time: the Kano school and the Maruyama-shijo school. Throughout his career, Gyokudo's great passion was to capture ...