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Commentary / World Aug 26, 2011

The DPJ face of Obama perplexes Japanese voters

The Aug. 5 edition of The Economist caricatured the U.S. president as mimicking Japan's "absentee" Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who seems content to "lead from behind the crowd" and who is at a loss about what to do to end Japan's political and economic ...

Commentary / World Oct 10, 2010

America running neck and neck with Japan as worst manager

NEW YORK — Contrary to the Republican Party/tea party's fear-mongering, America is not becoming Greece. But it is on its way to becoming Japan. More than 90 percent of Americans are suffering from the "jobless economic recovery." Gross domestic product growth, anemic or robust, is ...

Commentary / World Aug 27, 2009

Time to reject tyranny and health insecurity

NEW YORK — Since 2001, under the guise of "reforms," the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has adopted Bush's undemocratic dogma of market fundamentalism — dysfunctional deregulation, privatization and corporate money games. Such dogma destroyed America's financial systems, social safety net and manufacturing, and ushered ...

Commentary / World May 3, 2009

U.S. imitating Japan's denial of responsibility

NEW YORK — The world's attention is now on President Barack Obama to see if he can rebuild America's democratic and moral leadership in a world that "Bush America" has weakened. After World War II, under the United States-led occupation, Germany and Japan wholeheartedly ...

Commentary / World Aug 28, 2008

McCain aims to win by pandering to bigotry

NEW YORK — At a time when the Beijing Olympics have increased America's apprehension of China's rising power, Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for president, has chosen Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate. Biden is the influential chairman of the Senate Foreign ...

Commentary / World Jun 22, 2008

Lame conclusions about U.S. occupations

NEW YORK, SPECIAL TO THE J (AP) Lately South Koreans' view of the United States has improved as the Obama-Clinton contest showed the possibility of ending the Bush-Republican Iraq war and halting the destruction of American democracy. Now, South Koreans are rebelling against President ...

Commentary / World Dec 17, 2007

The voter rebellion in Japan

NEW YORK — On Nov. 25, Australian voters replaced Prime Minister John Howard of the Liberal Party with Kevin Rudd of the Labor Party, who promised to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq. The new prime minister is preparing Australia for post-Bush America. Howard joined Jose ...