Yasushi Morikawa

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Business Jul 30, 2002

U.S. rebound would dispel global gloom

Tokyo stocks, as measured by the Nikkei average of 225 major issues, are hovering around 10,000. Although the Tokyo market was temporarily regarded as a "place of refuge" for funds fleeing from U.S. stocks, global stock trading is being paced by falls in the U.S. ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Jun 25, 2002

U.S. rebound to pace stocks

The recent weakness of Tokyo stocks has created a golden opportunity to buy shares despite growing concerns about worldwide price falls. U.S. companies, especially internationally active high-tech firms, are revising their earnings forecasts downward for the second half of this year, indicating the U.S. economic ...

Business | TAKING STOCK May 21, 2002

Stock rebound brings hope of stability

The recent rebound on Wall Street could presage a more stable market in the near term. After having struggled to find its way for weeks, the Tokyo stock market has also snapped out of its doldrums, brightening prospects for the months ahead. There appears to be ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Apr 16, 2002

Factors point to bumpy ride

The key Nikkei average appears likely to reclaim the 12,000 level in the coming months, given Asia's V-shaped economic recovery and signs that the global silicon cycle is about to enter a new phase. Attention is shifting to cyclical issues, including those related to exports, ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Jan 29, 2002

Bourse in wait-and-see mode

While the Tokyo stock market awaits signs of the government's resolve to fix the nation's financial woes, macroeconomic environments surrounding the market are gradually showing improvement. The corporate sector continues to show dismal figures, but October-December gross domestic product data, to be released in March, ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Dec 4, 2001

Bouncy market searches for clues

With stocks locked in a crosscurrent between optimism and fears over events in store for the rest of the year, activity on the Tokyo stock market has been subdued. The market is searching for a direction, keeping shares on a roller-coaster ride. Further volatility appears to ...