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Young Kim pushing harder than ever

/ | Apr 20, 2013

Young Kim pushing harder than ever

How provocative has the United States been to North Korea? For almost two months, the U.S. and South Korea have had more than 200,000 ground troops, tanks, helicopters, fighter bombers, strategic bombers, submarines and destroyers exercising close to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and a disputed ...

U.S. takes lead on missile defense

| Mar 31, 2013

U.S. takes lead on missile defense

The United States has quietly taken on the huge task of trying to organize regional ballistic missile defense networks, not only among NATO countries, but also in East Asia and the Middle East. The United States is "leading from in front" on meeting possible future ...

/ Dec 30, 2012

High cost of disengagement from Afghanistan

The United States has spent nearly $600 billion over the past 10 years putting combat forces into Afghanistan. Now it's going to cost an additional $5.7 billion over the next year or two just to transfer or return most of the troops and equipment ...

/ Dec 24, 2012

Hard questions about the U.S. nuclear arsenal

We are rightly mourning the horrific killings in Newtown, Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School and discussing the threats posed by semiautomatic rifles. Yet, on another front, the United States is moving ahead with plans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on nuclear weapons — ...

/ Dec 3, 2012

Ceasefire tests five leaders

The diplomatic activities under the current Gaza ceasefire will test whether a quintet of leaders — each with his own domestic critics — can find a peaceful rather than a military solution to the Palestinian situation. The ceasefire language was direct but ambiguous: "Israel ...

/ Aug 27, 2012

Middle East buildup refutes critics of Obama

Here are some facts that should be considered by those who criticize the Barack Obama administration for "leading from behind" in the troubled Middle East. A steady buildup in the number of U.S. ships and aircraft available for possible new military action in the Middle ...

/ Jul 18, 2012

Turning swords into plowshares, and back again

How long does it take for enemies to become allies, and allies to become enemies? On July 3 in Hanoi, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton celebrated the 20th anniversary of that country's Fulbright exchange program, which has involved 8,000 American and Vietnamese students, ...