Vanessa Mitchell

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Travel firm rapped over foreigner ticket policy

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Jul 4, 2006

Travel firm rapped over foreigner ticket policy

The nation's largest discount travel agency, HIS, which also runs foreigner-friendly No.1 Travel, has based the price of some air tickets from Japan on the nationality of the traveler, possibly in breach of Japanese law, The Japan Times has learned. Foreigners trying to buy discount ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST May 17, 2005

Foreign victims lacking a voice

As a foreigner living in Japan, it's often difficult to blend it with the crowd. While at times this might be fun, at others it can be a catalyst for trouble. Although Japan remains relatively safe, sex-related crimes are on the rise, with this ...

Home is where hardship is for Japanese returnees

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Apr 19, 2005

Home is where hardship is for Japanese returnees

Before preparing to move overseas for the first time, it's common to be warned about the effects of culture shock. Very few people however, are prepared for a similar experience when they return to their home country. While people of every race are likely ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Mar 15, 2005

Visa la difference

Although it is certainly not impossible to receive a credit card as a foreigner living in Japan, chances are that unless you're working for a major Japanese company that is prepared to provide you with a family card, you're probably going to be rejected ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Feb 8, 2005

Foreign teachers have lucky escape

When news of the tsunami disaster in south Asia began to filter through on Dec. 26, there was good reason for friends and employers of the many English-language teachers in Japan to fear the worst. Each winter, hundreds of foreigners in Japan choose the convenience ...