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Commentary / World Dec 1, 2010

EU's sweeping defense cuts are shortsighted

COPENHAGEN — All over Europe, budgets are being pared as a new age of austerity takes hold. Defense expenditures are proving to be the easiest of targets. Even Britain under the Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has joined the rush to slash defense spending. These ...

Commentary / World Jun 19, 2008

The EU must go on, with or without Ireland

Ireland should do the rest of Europe a favor and withdraw from the European Union. That seems to be the only tenable solution to the situation created by the Irish "no" to the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish have created a problem for themselves. They ...

Commentary / World Apr 9, 2008

NATO meeting sends dangerous signals

COPENHAGEN —Two dangerous signals were sent from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Bucharest summit. The first was that Russia has re-established a "sphere of interest" in Europe, where countries are no longer allowed to pursue their own goals without Moscow accepting them. The other ...