Business Nov 26, 2014

Abe will have chance to name more women to BOJ board

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has a chance to appoint a second female to the Bank of Japan's Policy Board next year, which would mark a first in the institution's 132-year history, said one of his advisers, Etsuro Honda. "Increasing the number of females would be ...

Business Jun 12, 2014

Big BOJ balance sheet may be inflation target's legacy

Bank of Japan officials are considering maintaining a large balance sheet for the central bank even after it achieves its inflation target, reducing the risk of a surge in long-term bond yields, sources said. Under the potential strategy, the BOJ would use cash from maturing ...

Business / Economy May 1, 2014

Assured BOJ foils analysts' predictions

The confidence that Bank of Japan officials are demonstrating in achieving their inflation target is lowering the chances of additional monetary easing this year even as the economy weakens. Consumer prices excluding fresh food but not energy will increase 1.9 percent in the fiscal year ...

BOJ said worried by bond traders' ignoring of inflation

Business / Economy Apr 25, 2014

BOJ said worried by bond traders' ignoring of inflation

Bank of Japan officials are increasingly concerned the nation's bond market is failing to reflect emerging inflation, raising the risk of a sudden surge in yields, sources said. Japan's benchmark 10-year government bonds yield 0.615 percent, little changed from March 2013, even after a jump ...

Business Apr 23, 2014

BOJ will not buy bonds indefinitely

Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda has said the BOJ will not buy bonds just to keep down the government's debt-servicing costs after it achieves its goal of stable 2 percent inflation. "If we reach our target and prices are stable, we have no intention ...

Higher prices risk 'Abenomics' backlash

Business / Economy | ANALYSIS Apr 14, 2014

Higher prices risk 'Abenomics' backlash

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's bid to vault Japan out of 15 years of deflation risks losing public support by spurring too much inflation too quickly as companies add extra price increases to this month's sales tax bump. Businesses from Suntory Beverage and Food Ltd. to ...