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Celebrate the contemporary fusion of form and function

Art Feb 6, 2002

Celebrate the contemporary fusion of form and function

Modern design is as much about the toothbrush as it is about the airplane. It is, after all, the conception and realization of man-made objects. It has been with us since the Industrial Revolution and the dawn of mass production. A well-designed product is ...

Community Jan 27, 2002

100 years on: Japan's fateful 'surprise'

A hundred years ago this week, a small group of Japanese and British officials gathered at the Foreign Office in London, made a few speeches, signed some documents, drank Champagne and then dispersed into the cold and foggy streets of the capital of an ...

Eyesaw unites artists' scene

Art Dec 26, 2001

Eyesaw unites artists' scene

"It was an accident. All I wanted to do was meet people." With these words, Julia Barnes explains the origin of Eyesaw, a rapidly expanding organization now becoming a focus for up-and-coming contemporary artists in Japan. Julia, a young video artist from New Zealand, ...

Travel May 22, 2001

Visiting the Little Prince at Hakone

Breathtaking mountain scenery, a walk through a French village, Provencal cooking and a meeting with the doppelganger of a world-famous author -- sounds like a nice day trip. Especially when you can do it all without leaving Kanto. "The Little Prince," by the French author ...