Tomoko Hori

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'Anri Sala'

/ Nov 25, 2011

"Anri Sala"

Albanian-born and Berlin-based Anri Sala (b. 1974) is a leading artist in film, video and photography who has showcased his work at various international exhibitions, including the 2001 Yokohama Triennale and the 1999 and 2003 Venice Biennale. He has also held a number of ...

'Yoshiyuki Chosa: The Beauty of Metalworking'

/ Nov 18, 2011

"Yoshiyuki Chosa: The Beauty of Metalworking"

This exhibition celebrates the Nov. 10 presentation ceremony of the Kyoto Prize, which was established by the electronics company Kyocera's founder, Kazuo Inamori, and given in recognition of outstanding work in the fields of art, philosophy, science and technology. On display are 40 works by ...

'Exhibition as media 2011: Tetsuya Umeda'

/ Nov 11, 2011

"Exhibition as media 2011: Tetsuya Umeda"

"Exhibition as media" is a series of art projects planned and implemented by the Kobe Art Center in collaboration with Kansai-based artists. The 2011 exhibition features Osaka native Tetsuya Umeda, who uses home electronics to create works focusing on light, sound and movement. He is ...

'Gustavo Isoe'

/ Nov 11, 2011

"Gustavo Isoe"

Osaka native Tsuyoshi Isoe (1954-2007) was a major influence on Japanese contemporary realism painting. After graduating from high school, Isoe moved to Spain and continued painting in oils. His work, which he created under his Spanish name Gustavo Isoe, were highly realistic and appreciated both ...

'Ways of Worldmaking'

/ Nov 11, 2011

"Ways of Worldmaking"

This exhibition takes its title from American philosopher Nelson Goodman's book, "Ways of Worldmaking." Goodman argued that there is no "actual world" and that instead people make different versions of the world. In this exhibition of up-and-coming Japanese artists, six individuals and three collectives present ...