Tomoko Hori

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'Hideo Yoshihara: A Retrospective'

/ Dec 16, 2011

"Hideo Yoshihara: A Retrospective"

Hideo Yoshihara (1931-2007), a Hiroshima native, joined the Gutai group of experimental artists when it was founded in 1954. by Jiro Yoshihara, a distant relative of his. However, Hideo left the group the following year and joined the Demokrato Artist Association, where he was ...

'Meiji Cloisonne'

/ Dec 16, 2011

"Meiji Cloisonne"

During the Meiji Era (1868-1912) a boom in cloisonne production led to the creation of many high-quality works. As Japan opened up its ports to trade, such pieces became particularly popular abroad. Bought by international collectors at high prices, most of the cloisonne created during ...

'Japanese Craft Techniques and Beauty'

/ Dec 16, 2011

"Japanese Craft Techniques and Beauty"

In order to help preserve Japan's cultural heritage, the national government has been designating traditional intangible techniques of crafts and performing arts as Important Intangible Cultural Properties since 1955. Skilled artisans of such designated intangible techniques are often called Living National Treasures. This show offers ...

'Secrets of Japanese Paintings'

/ Dec 9, 2011

"Secrets of Japanese Paintings"

Though nihonga is a long-standing, traditional style of painting in Japan, for ordinary Japanese it is not easily accessible in everyday life. Even art students rarely get the opportunity to learn traditional Japanese-style painting techniques. To bring nihonga closer to the public, this exhibition explores ...

'Ito Kiyonaga: A Retrospective'

/ Dec 9, 2011

"Ito Kiyonaga: A Retrospective"

To celebrate the centenary of Kiyonaga Ito's birth, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art is holding a retrospective of the well-known painter's work. Born to a family who ran a Zen temple in Hyogo Prefecture, Ito (1911-2001) was expected to enter the priesthood. Instead, he ...

'Collections III: Yasui Nakaji and His Age'

/ Dec 2, 2011

"Collections III: Yasui Nakaji and His Age"

Hyogo Prefectural Museum presents the work of influential Japanese photographer, Nakaji Yasui (1903-1942), for its third exhibition in a series showcasing the museum's collection. In 2010, a new portfolio of Yasui's work, which was designed to reintroduce the photographer to the public, was compiled from ...