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'One size fits all' -- if only it were true

Mar 7, 2006

'One size fits all' -- if only it were true

Picture and pity this: A woman holds up a sweet pair of the latest jeans in a shop mirror . . . only to see the reflection of her own thighs bulging out from behind. Tokyo is one of the world's major fashion centers, ...

| Feb 28, 2006

Invisible minority

Misrepresented, misunderstood and mysterious, a group of women fight a dual struggle, compelled to speak up for their rights, yet fearing the consequences of a life made visible in an oppressive world. The mysteries surrounding this group have too often become false myths that stereotype ...

| Jan 17, 2006

Finding space in gay Japan

At first glance, homosexual life in Japan can seem quite repressed. Public displays of affection are next to nil, gay Japanese men often live secret lives and it's hard to notice a gay presence at all unless by venturing into Tokyo's "gayborhood," Shinjuku Ni-Chome. ...

| Dec 20, 2005

Ho, ho, homesick

Santa's checkin' his list twice to see who's been naughty or nice and foreigners from all corners of the world are wishing their stockings will be filled with things they can't find in Japan. A big turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, Yorkshire pudding and eggnog ...

Genki drinks riding high

| Dec 6, 2005

Genki drinks riding high

People the world over are raising a toast to the growing mainstream acceptance of energy and functional drinks. Almost non-existent in the 1990's, the global market for these drinks has reached $1.1 billion according to market research company Mintel International Group Ltd., and has "experienced ...

| Nov 15, 2005

Dating divide

Two guys walk into a bar. . . . Er, no, that already sounds like a bad joke. And first impressions can make all the difference in the world. In a packed Tokyo nightclub, the music's pumpin', lights are flashin' and drinks are flowin'. Two ...

Back to the original balanced diet

Sep 13, 2005

Back to the original balanced diet

When Kit Kitatani was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 1986, he went through the usual procedure of having the tumor surgically removed and starting chemotherapy treatments. But his white blood-cell count was too low to continue the chemo. His doctor said he had less ...

| Aug 30, 2005

Spoiled pooches live the good life

Whether it's "wan-wan," "bow-wow" or "ruff-ruff," dogs in Japan are all speaking the same language: life here ain't too dog-gone bad. From gourmet dinners and aromatherapy to trips to the onsen, it's raining cats and dogs with everything showered on man's best friend. Welcome to ...

Cleaning the body

| Jul 26, 2005

Cleaning the body

Summer is upon us, and spring-cleaning of your body may be long overdue. As many Japanese stray from their long tradition of using diet to promote good health, cure sicknesses and induce longevity, and adopt a more Western diet, more than a few Japanese ...