Beach-storming drill in U.S. hones SDF amphibious edge

National Jul 16, 2013

Beach-storming drill in U.S. hones SDF amphibious edge

One thousand members of the Self-Defense Forces have been learning how to recapture territory in the face of enemy fire, and while the shoreline may be California's, the skills they are building could one day be used closer to home. During the two-week Dawn Blitz ...

Business Jan 28, 2012

Bond yields could soar if Noda's tax hike plan stalls

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda says doubling the consumption tax is a necessary remedy to address soaring debt and social welfare costs, and while his opponents don't disagree, they're still not going to let him do it. The Liberal Democratic Party has rejected repeated calls from ...

Business Mar 26, 2011

Shirakawa snubs '30s-style JGB-buying for rebuilding

Bank of Japan Gov. Masaaki Shirakawa is under fire for refusing to consider 1930s-style purchases of government bonds to fund reconstruction from the nation's largest earthquake on record. Shirakawa repeatedly attempted to quash direct buying of government debt, a step allowed in extraordinary circumstances with ...

Disaster agency eyed to oversee recovery

Business Mar 24, 2011

Disaster agency eyed to oversee recovery

A reconstruction agency may be created to oversee disaster repairs, while data showed the central bank pumped record liquidity into lenders as the nation grappled with its worst disaster since World War II. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters the government will weigh "some ...

Business Aug 7, 2010

Fujii: An inflation target would hit workers, aged

Former Finance Minister Hirohisa Fujii said he opposes Bank of Japan inflation targets proposed by members of his ruling party because rising consumer prices would hurt the elderly and salaried workers. "I'm very much opposed," Fujii said in a interview earlier this week at ...

DPJ seeking alliance of equals with U.S.

National Feb 26, 2009

DPJ seeking alliance of equals with U.S.

The Democratic Party of Japan, which has a good chance of winning power in this year's election, will seek an alliance with the United States that is less subordinate than that of the last 50 years, a senior DPJ lawmaker said. "We want to move ...