Takamitsu Sawa

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'Abenomics' in the spotlight

/ Dec 9, 2014

'Abenomics' in the spotlight

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe blames the opposition camp for criticizing "Abenomics" without presenting lternatives. But finding a way to put today's economy on a virtuous circle is akin to trying to create something out of nothing.

Comfy life amid stagnation

/ Sep 18, 2014

Comfy life amid stagnation

While information and communications technologies have increased the conveniences and comforts of life in Japan to an unprecedented level, the nation's economy remains stagnant, partly because of the saturation of the auto market.

Japan's universities can't win

/ Aug 24, 2014

Japan's universities can't win

In view of the disparity in professors' pay between Japanese and American universities, the notion of elevating Japanese universities' global rankings simply by bringing in outstanding "foreign talent" as instructors and researchers is a castle in the sky.

/ Jun 22, 2014

University is not a business

Members of the Industrial Competitiveness Council and others are headed down a dead-end road trying to remake the governance of Japan's universities after that of business corporations.

/ May 25, 2014

Funding higher education

The percentage of Japanese high school graduates entering university is not growing as fast as one would expect. It is well below the average ratio for the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

/ Apr 14, 2014

Internet raises misconduct risk

The road to glory for a scientific pioneer leads to temptations to plagiarize background info and must pass through a panel of "referees" who may be inclined to judge a research paper by the name of the author rather than its contents.