National Aug 3, 2011

Tokyo looks to build natural gas power plant

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Tuesday it wants to build a power plant fueled by natural gas that can generate the electricity equivalent to one nuclear reactor. The thermal plant project is partly aimed at finding a way to keep businesses from moving away due ...

National Jul 27, 2011

JETs fresh from the U.S. eager to help nation recover from March 11

Young Americans who will teach English at schools here on an international exchange and teaching program said Tuesday they want to help Japan recover from the March catastrophe. According to the U.S. Embassy and an organizer of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, around 700 ...

National Jul 14, 2011

Radioactive beef sold off in eight prefectures

Meat from six cows contaminated with radioactive materials from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant may have reached consumers in eight prefectures, including Tokyo, Kanagawa and Osaka, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Wednesday. The other five prefectures are Aichi, Hokkaido, Tokushima, Kochi and Shizuoka. Most ...

Fukushima plant site originally was a hill safe from tsunami

National Jul 13, 2011

Fukushima plant site originally was a hill safe from tsunami

First of two parts The March 11 monster tsunami that hit the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant destroyed the critical backup power system and triggered the meltdown of hundreds of fuel rods in reactors 1, 2 and 3. Video of the appalling damage and reactor building ...

Citizens' radiation fears beyond crisis zone mount

National Jul 9, 2011

Citizens' radiation fears beyond crisis zone mount

Reiko Nakamura, a 37-year-old mother of three children, said she has been checking radiation levels outside her house in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, every day since she bought a dosimeter in May. Based on her readings, she decides whether to open the windows or leave them ...

National Jul 2, 2011

Osaka best backup capital, Ishihara, Hashimoto say

With fears of a major earthquake looming in the capital, Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara and Osaka Gov. Toru Hashimoto agreed Friday in Tokyo that the main western metropolis must be prepared to serve as a backup capital in the event of the Big One. Hashimoto ...

China scholar, Asia expert get Nakasone prize

National Jul 2, 2011

China scholar, Asia expert get Nakasone prize

A scholar of Chinese history and East Asia security policy was honored Thursday with the seventh Nakasone Yasuhiro Award. The Institute for International Policy Studies presented associate professor Yasuhiro Matsuda of the University of Tokyo with the Award of Excellence in an awards ceremony at ...

National Jun 18, 2011

Ishihara eyes another Olympics bid, this time 2020

Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara expressed his intention Friday to bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics, to show the world that Japan has recovered from the ravages of the March 11 twin disasters and despite falling short in seeking the 2016 Games. Saying the reconstruction effort ...

Capital has no iodine prep plans

National Mar 17, 2011

Capital has no iodine prep plans

Other than monitoring radiation levels in the capital amid the failures at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Wednesday it had no plans to prepare any radiological countermeasures, such as reserving iodine pills to deal with internal exposure to ...

National Mar 16, 2011

Radiation levels spike in Tokyo; capital still safe, Ishihara says

Radiation reached around 20 times normal levels in the capital Tuesday morning, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said, while offering the assurance this reading posed no immediate risk to human health and that the public should remain calm. "I received a report this morning that there ...