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Lasenkan to stage 'Dejima'

/ Aug 22, 2008

Lasenkan to stage 'Dejima'

Lasenkan Theater is a Japanese drama group based in Berlin. Since 2002, it has spent two-thirds of every year in the German capital, presenting works by author Yoko Tawada, a resident of Germany. Tawada, who writes in German and Japanese, won the Gunzo Shinjin Bungakusho ...

Step into the shade

/ Jul 11, 2008

Step into the shade

Inspired by a Japanese sense of beauty in subtlety, the Berlin dance duo of Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstatter will perform "Eulogy to the Shade" in Tokyo in early August. The title of the performance is an English translation of "In-ei Raisan," an essay that ...

Bad public manners irk Bushido proponent

Jun 3, 2008

Bad public manners irk Bushido proponent

Sokichi Sugimura, 72, feels elements of Japanese society have lost their moral compass to the point of being downright rude and he and his associates want to put them back on course, and in the process embrace samurai values. As head of Tokyo-based Public Art ...

Jan 24, 2008

German envoy urges Japan to mediate CO² fight

German Ambassador Hans-Joachim Daerr on Wednesday called on Japan to serve as a mediator in the coming Group of Eight summit between countries eager to take strong measures on global warming and their more reluctant counterparts. Speaking before newspaper officials and editors in Tokyo, Daerr ...

Top taiko player marks 25th anniversary

/ Nov 23, 2007

Top taiko player marks 25th anniversary

The leading taiko (Japanese drum) player Eitetsu Hayashi will play Solo Career 25th Anniversary Concerts in Kansai and Tokyo in December. He will perform four pieces by contemporary Japanese composers accompanied by an orchestra. Before the concerts, he will also release some new CDs ...

/ Oct 26, 2007

Dancing to themes of home, family

An all-women dance company from Japan in collaboration with a Berlin-based video artist will from Oct. 31 present a performance whose theme is "home " and "family" in Iwakuni-shi in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Tokyo and Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture. In "Fushigina Basho (La Place Misterieuse)," ...