Stephen L. Carter

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America's problem? Too many laws

Commentary / World Dec 5, 2014

America's problem? Too many laws

A Yale law professor tells his students that it is unavoidable that there will be situations where police err on the side of too much violence rather than too little. But fewer laws would mean fewer opportunities for official violence to get out of ...

Steppe nomads were precursors to the Islamic State

World Aug 31, 2014

Steppe nomads were precursors to the Islamic State

The debate over how to think about the Islamic State group has mainly centered on important but abstruse questions — is it evil or not? — and on what combination of military and economic pressure might be necessary to prevent the establishment of a ...

Commentary / World Jun 16, 2014

The blame for Iraq can wait

American efforts to assign immediate blame for Iraq's unraveling carry with them a whiff of the can't-do spirit — as if, unsure how to proceed in the world, we turn on each other instead.

Commentary / World May 15, 2014

Wrong analogy for Ukraine

This month's 65th anniversary of the successful conclusion of the Berlin Airlift has provided supporters of a tougher U.S. line on Ukraine a useful but wrong analogy.