Stephen Hesse

Stephen Hesse is an educator and writer living in Tokyo. He graduated from Vermont Law School, where he received a JD and an LLM, and is now a professor in the Law Faculty of Chuo University, Tokyo, as well as Associate Director of the Chuo International Center.

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| Jan 23, 2011

Forests worldwide: a primer

For those living in Japan, it's easy to forget that forests are not a given. Travel in any direction from one of its cities and you'll soon come to the ocean or to hills and mountains, most of which are cloaked in forests. In fact, ...

| Dec 26, 2010

Your money or your life: Where happiness lies

Year-end holidays always elevate hopes for happiness, but with expectations set high it is not surprising that they often seem to bring depression and loneliness instead. This year-end phenomenon is intriguing because it offers a glimpse of the entire year in microcosm. In the same way ...

| Aug 22, 2010

Of forests and floods

Last week I enjoyed the sublime luxury of watching a sunrise from the middle of a lake in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine. At 5 a.m., while friends and family slept, I strapped a kayak to the roof of the car and ...

Sea change: Can science, sense turn the tide?

| Mar 28, 2010

Sea change: Can science, sense turn the tide?

In "The Tempest," William Shakespeare writes of a human body deep beneath the waves undergoing "a sea-change into something rich and strange," transmuting into coral and pearls. The Bard's coinage has come to mean a profound or notable transformation of any sort (now rendered "sea ...