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JNTO seeks to put quake-hit Tohoku on map

Aug 23, 2011

JNTO seeks to put quake-hit Tohoku on map

When the Japan National Tourism Agency flew in more than 100 students and journalists from Singapore earlier this month in a bid to woo tourists back to the country, it focused on Tohoku, the region hardest hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. And ...

Jul 5, 2011

Energy talks in Brunei will place nuclear power on regional agenda

Nuclear power will be discussed by energy ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and their counterparts outside the region at an annual meeting scheduled for September in Brunei, according to Brunei's energy minister, Yasmin Umar. "This is very significant because for the first ...

Jun 1, 2011

Chernobyl 'jumper' airs Fukushima fears

Sergei Belyakov, a scientist who helped clean up debris after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, is worried about Japanese workers now risking their lives to contain the aftermath of core meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. "I really feel sorry for the situation ...

Dec 28, 2010

Appliance makers playing catchup in Asia

SINGAPORE — "Localization" has become the new catchword as Japanese electronics manufacturers play catchup in Asia. Japanese makers have scrambled this past year to roll out goods that cater to the needs of emerging markets in the region while struggling to keep costs down as ...

May 8, 2010

Japan, East Asian nations closer to pact on emergency rice reserve

SINGAPORE — Ten Southeast Asian nations plus Japan, China and South Korea are close to achieving their goal of establishing an emergency rice reserve to deal with sudden instability in supply and production. Agricultural and forestry ministers from the 13 countries aim to sign the ...

Dec 10, 2009

Remembering the war's first battle

KOTA BHARU, Malaysia — The Japanese military landing on the coast of a small fishing village in Malaysia's northern Kelantan state on Dec. 8, 1941, is still remembered by an octogenarian who witnessed the event that marked the start of the invasion of Southeast ...

Dec 9, 2008

Fusionopolis R&D hub drawing Japanese to Singapore

SINGAPORE — Singapore's latest push to become an Asian center for research and development by pumping millions of dollars into state-of-the-art infrastructure and opening its doors to foreign talent is already attracting Japanese firms. So far three Japanese firms have set up operations at the ...

Oct 2, 2008

Singapore Tamils see worrying sign

Singapore's use of Japanese on signboards in a bid to lure more Japanese tourists has raised concern among some ethnic Indians who feel snubbed at the exclusion of their native Tamil language. The city-state has four official languages — English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil — ...

Sep 5, 2008

Singapore to hold Japanese pop culture festival

The first Japanese pop culture festival in Southeast Asia will be held in Singapore in November, showcasing some of the hottest Japanese "anime" (animation) blockbusters, "manga" (comics), toys and games, according to festival organizers. Anime Festival Asia 2008 is expected to attract about 100 participating ...

May 12, 2007

Indonesia sand ban slows builders in Singapore

SINGAPORE (Kyodo) Japanese construction companies in Singapore have been hit hard by skyrocketing concrete and granite prices due to supply disruptions caused by Indonesia's ban on sand exports. More than 20 Japanese construction companies are operating in Singapore and are involved in more than 20 ...