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Commentary / World Aug 26, 2014

Strong leaders in an increasingly fragile Asia

Stronger leaders are finally in place in fragile Asia — leaders who can deliver domestic reform and economic growth. But if these leaders assert their strength against each other or vis-a-vis the U.S. over security matters, regional stability could be upended.

Commentary / World Aug 7, 2014

Why ASEAN has not condemned Thailand

It is not a given that ASEAN won't condemn Thailand's recent military coup. At present, though, most neighbors regard the events as an internal matter while more than two-thirds of Thais surveyed report being happier now than before the intervention.

Commentary / World May 22, 2014

Regional reactions to the protests in Vietnam

Reversing China's oil-drilling activities in a part of the South China China also claimed by Vietnam may be asking too much. But it will take more than Washington's finger wagging to convince Beijing that there is real cost against taking further steps.